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A place for the sounds and voices of our lives. Create and share short audio moments up to 11 seconds and express yourself in many different ways.

***Vounds can be incredibly fun***

Unleashing a completely new type of audio creativity, users are able to stich audio snippets together and express themselves in hilarious ways. Record yourself or browse the vound library and mix it up, the possibilities are endless!

***Vounds can be emotional***

Build you own private audio scrapbook. Let it be the voice of your grandma, the bark of your dog, the first words of your child or just that squeaking cabinet you open every morning for cereal. Why lose the opportunity to save them?

***Vounds can be social***

Sharing a Vound is incredibly easy. You can share it to your vound followers or embed it on social and messaging platforms. If you hear something, just share it.


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