About Me


My name is Pantelis Proios and i am developing iOS applications since 2011. Although my main professional background was retail sales and hardware installation, my love for technology and specifically for mobiles devices won me and made programming my obsession!

  • I am 100% dedicated to what i do and i enjoy doing it, that’s why my portfolio has over 26 published apps in just 4 years.
  • I am writing native applications using the latest features Apple is providing. I am familiar with every native control Xcode has, but i am also spending considerable time exploring third party APIs, SDKs and Libraries.
  •  I want my clients to be 100% aware of the progress of the jobs they assign me and i am using every tool there is for that. Skype, YouTube and Ad-Hoc demo distribution are some of the tools i use to make sure that i am always on the right track.
  • Bugs free applications is a high priority for me. I use Bugsense to monitor all my applications for bugs and i update them immediately if necessary. My average stability score at Bugsense is 99% and that is as high as it gets for applications relying on network traffic & web services.
  • I write clean, commented code for three reasons: a)I like it this way  b)If i am unavailable at a certain time, the project can be updated by anyone c) Apple’s review team like it and this is probably one of the reasons they have never rejected any release that i have send.